Enjoy filming wild animals. Start each day in a rain forest excited. Required to follow nature's rules. Failing to do so can have dire consequences. Use every sense to find danger before danger finds me. Study animal behavior like I prepare for a trial.

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Opened the Law Offices of Jeffrey S. Mandel LLC and loving the decision to walk away from traditional law firm life. 

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Talk to anyone interested in hearing about the wonderful animals that I have filmed, including sharksnakesmonkeyscrocodileslion, giraffe, hippos, exotic birdspoisonous frogs, venomous spiders, and more!

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Jeff Mandel as a lawyer:


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Personal life-  notoriety avoided. Prefer being anonymous in a bar wearing jeans and a t-shirt or being in the middle of a rain forest far from people.

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At the Law Offices of Jeffrey S Mandel LLC, Jeff Mandel is a litigator who handles all types of civil litigation from corporate disputes, to consumer fraud, to personal injury. Jeff Mandel also handle criminal defense. Jeff Mandel is perhaps best known as a New Jersey appeal lawyer. As part of his New Jersey appeal practice, Jeffrey Mandel handles all types of New Jersey appeals, including New Jersey emergent appeals, New Jersey interlocutory appeals, and New Jersey appeals as-of-right. Jeff Mandel wrote the go-to book for those who seek to handle a New Jersey appeal:

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Jeff Mandel as a person:

Adjunct Professor of Law, Appellate Advocacy, Rutgers Law School and Seton Hall Law. Focus on New Jersey appeal as of right, interlocutory appeals, and emergent appeals. Have had great students!


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You can email Jeff Mandel at

Start each case as a gentleman, though adverse counsel dictates the extent of it. Required to follow court rules and case law all day. Failing to do so can lose a case. Study cases over and over and over and ...

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jeff mandel nj lawyer

For more about Jeff Mandel, visit other websites under the name Jeffrey Mandel, Jeff Mandell, Jeffrey S. Mandel, or Jeffrey Mandell.

Handle a lot of cases pro bono to give back to the community- something all lawyers fortunate to practice law should do.

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Recipient of almost every award that an attorney in New Jersey can receive for achievements and peer review.

* New Jersey lawyer who handles all types of civil litigation
* Jeff Mandel teaches New Jersey appeal law at Rutgers Law School
* Trustee, Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers of New Jersey
* Wrote the book on New Jersey appeals: New Jersey Appellate Practice (Gann Law Books)
* Certified by the Supreme Court of New Jersey as a Civil Trial Lawyer
* Jeff Mandel formerly worked at Drinker Biddle & Reath and Day Pitney
* Built Cutolo Mandel LLC with his partner into a successful mid-size law firm
‚Äč* Jeffrey Mandel opened the Law Offices of Jeffrey S. Mandel LLC
* Avid photographer of wild animals in Central and South America   

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Live in central New Jersey and in north New Jersey. Leave the US as often as possible to be in Panama, MexicoCosta Rica, and Colombia.  

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Give back to those less fortunate. Help and root for the little guy and cheer for the underdog unless the underdog is playing my beloved Indiana Hoosiers.

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jeffrey mandel nj lawyer

Jeffrey S. Mandel
New Jersey lawyer

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